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Monthly Archives:May 2015

Why Choose Custom Built Kitchens

When people talk about custom kitchens, what immediately comes to mind are images of a sophisticated and elegant space, sparkling in almost every corner and equipped with the latest kitchen technology and facilities. While these are true, luxury and functionality aren’t […]… Read More

Top Reasons to Check Out Our Kitchen Showrooms

For many homeowners, nothing can be as exciting and pleasurable as finally getting the chance to renovate and breathe new life into their kitchen space. Thinking about the different aspects of renovation alone, from the theme to the fixtures, can already […]… Read More

4 Fantastic Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Homeowners in Sydney are often hesitant to inject colour in their spaces, especially when designing or renovating the kitchen. Burnt out by the wild and bold colours that were in vogue during the 60s and 70s, people now opt for a […]… Read More