5 Easy, Eco Friendly Kitchen Ideas for a Greener Cooking Space

If you’d like to make environment-friendly changes to your household and lifestyle, one of the best places to start is in your kitchen. Eco friendly kitchens are becoming the norm nowadays. And contrary to what you may think, maintaining eco friendly kitchens is actually much easier to achieve. 

From the kitchen materials you pick, appliances you use, and the food you cook, there are several ways you can reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining an attractive and functional space. 

Refrigerators door with colorful text Eco Friendly

Here are five kitchen ideas to make your cooking space greener.  

  1. Partner with a sustainable and environmentally friendly kitchen manufacturer. 

If your existing space is no longer as efficient and eco-friendly as you want it to be, then you might want to consider renovating it instead. A renovation is a chance for you to have a fresh start; correct your design mistakes in the past and adopt more sustainable kitchen ideas and habits in your household.  

When renovating, make sure to work with a kitchen manufacturer who understands your goal of having a greener space. For instance, kitchen manufacturers in Melbourne and Sydney like Euro German Kitchens made. for living offer only quality, sustainable products. So when you choose from our range of luxurious or affordable cheap kitchens in Melbourne or Sydney, not only will you own a stylish kitchen that will last for years to come, you’ll also make a contribution to protecting the environment.  

  1. Go for home-cooked meals 

Ordering package and take-out food may be more convenient than cooking from scratchHowever, home-cooking actually makes you more eco-friendly, not to mention it saves you money and bond with the family. By home-cooking, you reduce waste since it uses minimal to no packaging; get to use eco friendly kitchen products and ingredients since you can control all components of your recipe; as well as enhance your creativity and resourcefulness.  

  1. Buy energy-efficient appliances 

Kitchen appliances affect the overall design and functionality, so it’s important to choose the right equipment that suit your cooking requirements and energy efficiency goals. Carefully picking the right appliances will not only result to a cleaner and streamlined space, it can also help you cut your water and energy use. When shopping, make sure to examine the appliance’s energy rating and reviews. Going for trusted brands such as Kleenmaid, Omega, Blanco and Bosch is also a good idea as you can be assured of its quality. 

  1. Practise segregation 

Another item on our list of kitchen ideas that can help you make your space greener is practising proper garbage disposal and segregation. Place biodegradable and non-biodegradable bins in the kitchen and encourage your family and house mates to start doing the practice.  

  1.  Use eco friendly kitchen products 

Commercial cleaning solutions often contain harmful chemicals and toxins, which can damage not only your kitchen surfaces but also your health. Instead of buying aggressive cleaning solutions, why not use eco friendly kitchen products, such as natural and homemade cleaning solutions, instead. Often, all you need is water, vinegar and baking soda to keep your space looking its best. Take note though that not all kitchen products may be suitable for cleaning your surfaces. For instance, vinegar-based cleaners may stain and damage aluminium surfaces.  

Creating eco friendly kitchens is as simple as being smart about the designers and manufacturers you partner with, and making practical and efficient choices in the products you use.  

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