10 reasons to buy from us

  1. Our customers are our friends and partners
    We treat every customer as our friend and partner and listen to their requests by 
    suggesting possible alternatives as well as making creative suggestions for the project.
  2. Clarity from the beginning
    During the designing of your kitchen in one of our showrooms we will give you a written quote and a price, whether you have decided to buy or not.
  3. Clear dates
    Once you have decided to purchase your kitchen, we will agree on arrival dates with you so that your project can be planned and scheduled from the beginning.
  4. We convince, not push
    Our designers are well trained and have an extensive product knowledge, that’s how we convince you.  During your design appointment with us we will give you a detailed insight of how the products work, together with the best offers in the current month.  You can either purchase your product straight away or take your quotation home to discuss your options and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.
  5. Clear price policy – no false discounts
    A kitchen contains many components from different suppliers.  For the calculation of your product price, we use the recommended retail prices of our suppliers and work out a very unique competitive price for you.
  6. Transparency in pricing and performance
    Both has its value and will be talked about very openly.
  7. Qualified and passionate Designers
    We provide assistance throughout the entire project – no job is too small for us, we treat every client the same way.
  8. Latest trends on German products
    Our 2 showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne are updated on a regular basis so that you can always view the newest trends from Germany.
  9. We are the one-stop-shop
    Whether its your kitchen, wardrobes, living areas or bathrooms we can provide the full package including all electrical appliances and benchtops from a very wide range of materials, e.g. man made stone, granite, marble, stainless steel, concrete, glass etc. etc. all from European suppliers to very competitive prices.
  10. What if something goes wrong?
    Our kitchens can delivered with cabinetry, electrical appliances and benchtops, many components that have to fit perfectly once the product arrives on site.  As part of our policy we ensure all product orders are continuously checked before, during and on delivery, however should parts be missing or a defect occur you can be rest assured that we will re-order and replace those parts and find a solution with you immediately.