The Nolte Group – we love the nature!

As well as quality, design and function, responsibility for the environment is a high priority with all Nolte products – from the raw woodchips to transport of the finished product.  Because of this, all companies in the Nolte Group are both FSC and PEFC-Certified.

In line with our forward-looking environmental policy, as of 01 January 2012 our production will only use ecologically generated electricity.

Support the environment by buying a product from the Nolte Group.


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Our policy for the procurement of wood materials:

  • No wood from forestry operations which infringe human rights
  • No wood from specially protected forest areas
  • No wood from natural forests which have been converted to plantations
  • No wood from genetically manipulated cultivation or illegal forestry

Evidence of the quality of our products:

  • Our products are continuously monitored with regard to their safety
  • Components are tested for hazardous substances
  • Surfaces are tested as components according to DIN 68861.
  • Our furniture is tested according to EN 14749 and is GOST-certified

Our policy for the production of our products:

  • As of 01.01.2012, production will only use ‘green‘ electricity
  • Ecologically generated electricity with recognised marks of quality and certificates                                                                   
The FSC certificate for sustainable forestry management
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation, which created the first system for the certification of sustainable forestry, which it now operates and continues to develop.

This certification system includes the maintenance and improvement of the economical, ecological and social functions of forestry operations.

The FSC is based on the involvement of leading human rights and environmental organisations such as the WWF and Greenpeace as well as trade unions and representatives of the interests of indigenous peoples in order to protect their common interests. Certification of forestry operations is carried out according to globally valid standards, which were developed by the FSC and are supplemented by a wide range of indicators at a national level.

You can find further information here:

The following principles form part of PEFC-certified forestry management

  • Compliance with forestry laws and RSC principles.
  • Long-term ownership and rights of use of land and forest resources must be clearly defined, documented and legally specified.
  • In the long term, forest management conserves and increases the social and economic welfare of forestry workers and the local population.
  • Economic efficiency and diversity of products.
  • Safeguarding of bio-diversity, the protective function of forests and protection of the landscape.
  • Creation and implementation of a management plan.
  • Control by means of appropriate documentation and assessment of sustainability.
  • Conservation of forests with high conservation value and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples.

The following principles form part of PEFC-certified forestry management

The PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an independent, non-profit, non-government organisation which promotes sustainable forestry by means of independent, neutral certification.

This certification is a transparent system of forestry monitoring together with the means of tracing the origins of wood. From the felling of the trees to the finished product, it enables you to be confident that the wood which you buy originates from legal and sustainable sources. 

  • No more wood is harvested than is planted.
  • Trees are replanted or naturally regenerated after harvesting.
  • Protection of the rights and health of forestry workers.
  • Promotion of local employment.
  • The rights of indigenous inhabitants and owners are respected.
  • Forests are conserved as habitats for wild animals and plants.
  • The protective function of forests for water, soil and climate is supported.
  • The biological diversity of the ecological system of the forest is conserved.
  • The origin of the wood is monitored.

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Make a positive contribution to our climate 

The PFALZWERKE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT supplies private and commercial customers with green electricity from renewable energy sources. PFALZWERKE is leading energy supplier in the Rhineland Palatinate and in the Saarpfalz region with over 70% communal ownership.


Since its foundation in 1912, the PFALZWERKE have always been on the lookout for innovative energy concepts. Over the past years, the PFALZWERKE have invested some 300 million Euro in the promotion of renewable energies such as bio-mass power stations and bio-gas systems and own their own energy production plant in the form of 60 high performance wind energy converters, 25 solar energy plants and two geothermal power stations. PFALZWERKE stopped conventional electricity production a long time ago. PFALZWERKE actively promote an environmentally friendly supply and now sell clean electricity throughout Germany 

Nolte Group – Green awareness

In addition to quality, design and function, all products of the Nolte Group place a high priority on responsibility for our environment. In line with the forward-looking environmental policy of the Nolte Group, as of 01 January 2012 all companies in the Group will only use ecologically generated electricity.

No matter whether you choose bedrooms, kitchens or cupboard systems: If you choose a product from the Nolte Group, you also make a contribution to protecting both our environment and our climate.