Take it From the Experts: Tips on Designing Kitchen Cabinets

an image of Modern Kitchen drawers and Granite Countertop

Kitchen cabinets are the glue that binds efficiency and aesthetics in every cooking space. They keep things organised and easily accessible, while adding appeal and completing the style of the space. It only makes sense then that homeowners plan their purchase well to avoid costly mistakes.

If you’re looking to buy kitchen cabinets or want to have them custom built by renowned kitchen manufacturers in Sydney or Melbourne, but are clueless on where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we share some tips and advice from design experts so you can have kitchen cabinetry that fits your lifestyle and taste.

“Know the different material choices.” – Bob Vila, Home Improvement Expert

If you’re looking to buy kitchen cabinets, it’s important to be familiar with the different material choices as they are crucial in helping you achieve the level of functionality and style you want in your space. American home improvement television show host Bob Vila advises to decide “whether you want all-wood, wood veneer, or laminate doors and face fronts.” Solid or veneered wood fronts feature a sophisticated look and are easy to clean; while synthetic or laminate materials are versatile, easy to clean, and available in a variety of styles and colours.

 “Go for bold colours.” – Lucy Feagins, editor of The Design Files

One of the best ways to inject personality and add flair in your kitchen space is by experimenting with bold colours in your cabinetry. According to Lucy Feagins, editor of The Design Files, colours such as “mid- to deep greys, blue tones and shades of peppermint or sage green” are a must-try. If you’re scared to go too bold, you can complement and contrast bright colours with neutral shades.

“Explore different door styles.” – Vanessa Brunner, editorial staff at Houzz

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cabinet door styles, so don’t limit yourself. You can choose from shaker, louvered, flat, or inset styles. Or to add interest to your space, you can even mix and match different styles. Of course, when you talk about doors, don’t forget about the kind of handles or knobs that would go with them as they add a statement in themselves.

“Maximise storage with the use of drawers.” – Cameron Frazer, Ask an Architect

For additional storage space, consider adding plinth drawers under your kitchen cabinets. Cameron Frazer of Ask an Architect says using drawers enhances not only storage but also convenience as they remove the frustration of having to search through items, such as crockery and utensils, in cupboards that are too high.

Cabinetry represents a major investment in your kitchen remodelling  project. Thus, it’s vital that you are guided with expert advice from the design or planning stage so you can make choices with confidence.

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